Cooperations and Initiatives

Our membership in networks and initiatives enables us to solve interdisciplinary tasks beyond the boundaries of our working group. We are members of the Software Engineering Institute paluno, one of the largest research centers for software engineering in Germany. We are also committed to the professional training of software engineers outside the university.  At the European level, we are committed to a coordinated research agenda for digitization in Europe.


Artemis, the European Technology Platform (ETP) for Advanced Research and Technology For Embedded Intelligence and Systems was launched within the Seventh Framework Programme in 2004. Artemis wants to bring together the main actors in Embedded Computing. In 2006 a Strategic Research Agenda for Embedded Computing was published. The revised version was published in 2011. Starting June 2014 paluno is (for the University of Duisburg-Essen) member in Artemis.

Contact:  Prof. Dr. Klaus Pohl Dr. Thorsten Weyer





The Big Data Value Association partnering with the European Commission is an industry-led organization. The goal is to implement a public-private-partnership (PPP) on the subject of Big Data. The BDVA defines and updates the Strategic Research Agenda of the Big Data PPP. paluno contributed actively to the SRIA of the Big Data PPP and addressed especially the meaning of software engineering for big data and the education of future data engineers.

Contact:  Prof. Dr. Klaus Pohl, Dr. Andreas Metzger



The ECSEL Joint Undertaking - the Public-Private Partnership for Electronic Components and Systems – funds Research, Development and Innovation projects for world-class expertise in these key enabling technologies, essential for Europe's competitive leadership in the era of the digital economy.

Through the ECSEL JU, the European industry, SMEs and Research and Technology Organisations are supported and co-financed by 30 ECSEL Participating States and the European Union.


IREB - International Requirements Engineering Board e.V.

IREB (International Requirements Engineering Board) aims at providing a certification model with syllabi and exams, thus fostering further education in the field of requirements engineering.


Contact:  Dr. Thorsten Weyer


The European Technology Platform NESSI (The Networked European Software and Services Initiative) wants to establish a coordinated European strategy for ICT, to foster research  investments. NESSI addresses the areas Cloud Computing, Software, Services, Big Data and Cyber-Physical Systems.

Contact:  Prof. Dr. Klaus Pohl, Dr. Andreas Metzger


paluno - The Ruhr Insitute for Software Technology

paluno - the Ruhr Institute for Software Technology - is one of the largest research institutes for software engineering in Germany. Ten professors and over 100 scientists conduct excellent applied and basic research here. They investigate and test principles, methods and tools for the development of software-based technologies.

Website: https://paluno.uni-due/