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Mars Rover and Semester Administration Tool: Students Present SEP Projects

SEP stands for "Software Development and Programming" and is part of the study courses Applied Computer Science, Information Systems and Education Science. The core of the 3-month course is a project in which the students develop a software system in working groups. They go through the classic phases of a software development process and get to know them practically.

Every semester, the Software Systems Engineering group sets new project tasks. This year, the students could choose between the development of an embedded system for a Mars rover (a remote-controlled expedition vehicle for Mars research) or (very altruistic ;-)) the implementation of a SEP administration program.

This week the final acceptance of the developments took place. The software projects of all working groups were presented and tested here.  The supervisors Alexander Palm and Adrian Neubauer were very satisfied with the work and could certify all participants of the final acceptance a passed SEP.

Further information about the SEP and the "Hall of Fame" with particularly successful work can be found on the SEP website.