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  • VarMod-PRIME

VarMod-PRIME - Process Integration of Modelling Workplaces

The consistent documentation and management of product line variability is a major challenge in Software Product Line Engineering (SPLE). The PRIME project focuses on the development of an approach for the orthogonal variability modeling with adequate tool support (VarMod-PRIME Tool-Environment).

The VarMod approach supports the documentation and management of variability. This comprises the creation and validation of variability models, including relations from these models to related development artifacts, e.g. scenarios, functional requirements, interface specifications or finite state machines.


  • Extension and formalisation of the variability modeling language OVM and the use of this language within industry cooperation
  • Approach for documenting application-specific variability
  • Extension of the variability modeling language OVM for the documentation of variability across product lines
  • Techniques for detecting inconsistencies and undesired side effects within variability and requirements models
  • Tool environment for modelling variability using the OVM language (VarMod-PRIME Tool-Environment)


REMiDEMMI is a toolset that was created on the base of VarMod. OVM diagrams that were created with VarMod can be converted with REMiDEMMI and edited afterwards. It is also possible to model activity diagrams, state machines, message sequence charts and data flow diagrams.

Projektwebsite: www.sse.uni-due.de/remidemmi/

Duration: 01.01.2005 – 01.12.2007

Funded by: German Research Foundation (DFG)

Programm: Computer Science (Software Technology)

Type: DFG-Projekt

Funded amount: 170.000,- Euro


Universit├Ąt Duisburg-Essen in Kooperation mit Lehrstuhl Informatik V der RWTH Aachen

Website: http://www.sse.uni-due.de/remidemmi/

Email: research(at)sse.uni-due.de