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Infotermine für Bachelor- und Masterseminare

  • Blockseminar „Hochautomatisierte Systeme in der Digitalisierung“ ( Marian Daun )
    Infoveranstaltung: 18.10.; 10:00 Uhr; SGW 009
  • Blockseminar „Maschinelles Lernen für Selbst-adaptive Software-Systeme“ (Andreas Metzger)
    Infoveranstaltung: 22.10.; 14:00 Uhr; SGW 009
  • Blockseminar „Cloud- und Fog-Computing“ (Zoltán Adam Mann)
    Infoveranstaltung: 22.10. ; 14:00 Uhr; SGW 009


PhD Workshop in Antwerp

Impulses and ideas beyond the daily business


In September, the PhD Workshop, held every half year, took us to Antwerp, Belgium. We spent three intensive days there, during which the scientific staff presented their work and discussed it in the group. Besides the professional exchange we had the opportunity to get to know the beautiful city of Antwerp and our colleagues (even better).  

The titles of the lectures of this and the previous PhD workshops can be viewed here (German website).

The Working Group Software Systems Engineering

Software is an integral part of complex systems and products having a steadily increasing meaning for their success. Our research focus and teaching address major topics and future challenges emerging in the field of software and systems development.

Past successes and emerging results of our work have proved valuable in numerous national and international research projects. Our contributions range from fundamental and applied research to the transfer of technology to industry.

Successful industrial cooperation with well-known, international companies impressively bear witness to our competences. Our collaborative efforts with industry partners include independent consulting as well as the development of prototypes and demonstrators.

We are always interested in new and exciting challenges and look forward to your questions and proposals. Please feel free to contact us on this matter.

Ph.D. Process and Quality Gates

All information about the Ph.D. Process can be found in our Ph.D. Flyer. For job opportunities please click here.

Selected Books


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Further Publications