REMiDEMMI is available as Eclipse plug-in. You can also install the latest version of REMiDEMMI by using an updatesite. (last update: 2014-06-18)

  • Installation
    • Please install these plugins first:
      • EMF + GEF + GMF (included in the Eclipse Package Eclipse Modeling Tools)
      • GMF Tooling (Updatesite:
      • Xtext SDK (Updatesite:
      • CDT C/C++ Development Tools (Updatesite:
    • Now chose between these two installation methods:
      • REMiDEMMI version 1.9.5 as plug-in: Download (3 MB)
      • REMiDEMMI Updatesite:
    • For validation features a SAT and MUS solver is required. You can try one of these pre-compiled versions or compile your own version from the source code.
      • Download PicoSAT and PicoMUS for Windows (1 MB)
      • Download PicoSAT and PicoMUS for OS X (90 KB)
      • Compile your own version of PicoSAT from the source code.

Please note that the path to the validation temporary folder and the solver binaries must not contain Unicode characters.