Workshop Goals

Managing variability is a major concern in the development, maintenance and evolution of software-intensive systems. To be managed effectively and efficiently, variability must be explicitly modelled. Numerous variability modelling techniques have been proposed both by academia and industry.

The aim of the VaMoS workshop series is to bring together researchers from various areas of variability modelling to discuss advantages, drawbacks and complementarities of the various approaches and to present new results for variability modelling and management.

VaMoS 2009 will feature a keynote presentation by Don Batory, as well as peer-reviewed paper presentations.

Topics (non-exclusive)
  • Modelling variability in functional, quality or economics requirements
  • Modelling variability in the architecture
  • Aspects and separation of concerns
  • Visualization of variability
  • Handling complexity
  • Formal reasoning on variability
  • Application domains (e.g., embedded systems, information systems, service-based systems and SOA)
  • Tool support

Workshop Format

VaMoS 2009, like the two previous VaMoS workshops held in 2007 and 2008, will be a highly interactive event. Each session will be organized such that discussions among presenters of papers, discussants and other participants are stimulated. Typically, after a paper is presented, it is immediately discussed by two pre-assigned discussants, after which a free discussion involving all participants follows. Each session is closed by a general discussion of all papers presented in the session.

Which roles are there?

Three particular roles are taken on by the VaMoS attendees

A presenter obviously presents his paper but additionally will be asked to take on the role of discussant for the other paper in his session (all the papers will be distributed to the participants in PDF format approx. two weeks prior to the event).

A discussant prepares the discussion of a paper. Each paper is assigned to two discussants (typically the presenter of the other paper in the same session and a member of the program or organization committee or a presenter of another session). The discussants task is to give a critical review of the paper directly after its presentation. This task will be guided by a predefined set of questions provided by the VaMoS organizers.

A template for the discussions will be published before the workshop.

Session Chair

A session chair introduces the presenters of the papers in a session. The session chair takes care of the time, and moderates the discussion of a paper after its presentation as well as the general discussions at the end of the session.


The working language is English.


Attendance is restricted to authors of accepted papers, invited speakers, and PC members.

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