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Fördergeber: European Union (EU)
Laufzeit: 12/2016 - 12/2020

Big Data Value eCosystem

The BDVe project is a coordination and support action with the mission to support the Big Data Value PPP in realizing a vibrant data-driven EU economy and community.

To this end, BDVe pursues seven high-level goals:

  • Informing Big Data Value PPP members and stakeholders about most important facts in Big Data to have a solid basis to support the decision-making process in the PPP
  • Supporting the implementation of the Big Data PPP from an operational point of view
  • Developing a vibrant community around the PPP
  • Supporting the development of a European network of infrastructures and centers of excellence around Big Data
  • Fostering education activities and skill building in Big Data
  • Setting up a framework that supports the acceleration of data-driven businesses
  • Ensuring the sustainability of the investments and actions triggered by the PPP

paluno will be in charge of two main activities as part of the BDVe project.

  • First, paluno will lead activities related to the overall governance of the Big Data Value PPP. In particular, this will involve fostering collaboration among PPP projects through the two main governance bodies: Steering Committee and Technical Committee.
  • Second, paluno will lead the activities to set up the European Big Data Value Education Hub. The Education Hub is an online platform and living repository for knowledge about European educational programmes (M.Sc. & PhD) targeted and relevant to data scientists and data engineers. Overall, around 100 programmes on data science exist in Europe. However, information about these programmes is not available in a single place and easy to digest form.


Programm: Horizon 2020

Type: Collaboration and Support Action (CSA)

Funded amount: 350,000 Euro (Total Funded Amount 4.95 Mil. Euro)

Website:  http://www.big-data-value.eu/

Contact Persons

Head of Adaptive Systems and Big Data Applications

Dr. Andreas Metzger

Software Systems Engineering (SSE)

Gerlingstraße 16
45127 Essen
Telephone: +49 201 18-34650
Room: S-GW 008
Mehr Informationen

This project has received funding from the European Union's Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement no. 732630


  • SAP SE
  • Atos Spain SA
  • Insight Galway
  • TNO
  • UPM
  • UDE
  • EIT Digital
  • Big Data Value Association
  • Ogilvyone Worldwide SA