Press Releases

Education and Training for Big Data Specialists

Together with the partners in the BDVe project, the paluno woking group Software Systems Engineering has set up the Big Data Value Education Hub. The platform is now part of the European Commission Pledge Viewer.

Seamless Data Protection in the Computing Continuum

Computing power is in demand when more and more devices become smart. New network structures combine fog and cloud resources for this purpose. The Software Systems Engineering working group and its partners in the EU project FogProtect are looking into how data can be protected here.

Big Data Platform for Seaports

New EU project: the DataPorts platform will contribute to more automation by enabling new applications of artificial intelligence.

Requirements Management as the Basis for Software Quality

Systematic Requirements Engineering (RE) is one of the most important disciplines in software development. Practitioners and scientists will discuss the best possible RE approaches from March 18-21 in Essen.

Mastering Complexity: Training Platform for Model-based Development

Together with its partners in the SPEDiT project, the Software Systems Engineering group has developed a training platform for model-based development of embedded systems and validated it in practice.

European Action Plan on Artificial Intelligence (AI)

In December, the European Commission presented a coordinated plan prepared with Members States to foster the development and use of AI in Europe. The BDVA, in which the working group of Prof. Dr. Klaus Pohl is an active member, welcomes the plan of the EU.

TransformingTransport: European Big Data Project at ICT 2018

Essen/Wien: The lighthouse project TransformingTransport (TT) is participating in the ICT 2018 in Vienna on December, 4-6. The ICT is the most important European event for research and innovation in information and communication technology and is organized by the European Commission. Live demonstrations will show how Big Data can be used for real-time decision making in the transport sector.

EU funding of digitization projects: position paper published

The European initiative NESSI emphasizes in a now published position paper the fundamental role of software for the digital transformation of Europe. The paper identifies important research topics in the field of software technology which, according to the experts, should be focused on in the next EU Research and Innovation Framework Programme. The Chair of Software Systems Engineering of Prof. Dr. Klaus Pohl played a major role in writing the paper.