Transfer into Practice

The EU project RestAssured developed security mechanisms for end-to-end data protection in cloud environments. The findings will find their way into the European digital economy through standards and new products.

Software Systems Engineering

The main research areas and the courses offered by our working group address central topics and future challenges of software and system development.

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Security for Personal Data in the Cloud

The demand for cloud services has never been greater. This brings the issue of data protection to the fore. In the RestAssured project, scientists from the Ruhr Institute for Software Technology paluno at the University of Duisburg-Essen have researched how cloud providers can better protect the personal data of their customers.

Generation of Hazard Relation Diagrams: Everything in View

Requirements engineering for safety-critical systems must define adequate requirements to minimize risks. The use of hazard context diagrams should support it.

Proactive Adaption of Business Processes via Online Reinforcement Learning

Adapt or wait and see? Andreas Metzger, Tristan Kley and Alexander Palm present an AI based approach to determine when preditions are accurate enough to trigger adaptions.

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