New EU Research Project

The Software Systems Engineering working group and its partners in the EU project FogProtect are looking into how data can be protected throughout the entire computing continuum.

Software Systems Engineering

The main research areas and the courses offered by our working group address central topics as well as future challenges of software and system development.

We offer financial support for PhD students and research associates / PostDocs who want to follow their own research idea.

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Proactive Adaption of Business Processes via Online Reinforcement Learning

Adapt or wait and see? Andreas Metzger, Tristan Kley and Alexander Palm present an AI based approach to determine when preditions are accurate enouguh…

Education and Training for Big Data Specialists

Together with the partners in the BDVe project, the paluno woking group Software Systems Engineering has set up the Big Data Value Education Hub. The…

Big Data Value PPP Webinars

The BDVe project and the Big Data Value Association are organising a series of webinars to exchange views on approaches to developing and establishing…

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